15Hp Loncin Petrol Powered Atv Flail Mower With 1.2M Cutting Width


Flail mowers are ideal to produce a rough cut to taller grass where contact with loose debris may be possible such as roadsides, fields and paddocks. They will be ideally hitched to small tractors, ATVs and 4x4s using the standard ball hitches found on the rear of the vehicle. The flail mower gets its name from the use of 28 paddle shaped metal flails that are attached to its rotating drum. The flails are staggered in 4 rows of 7 to provide a complete cut. The flails are attached to the drum using free swinging brackets. As the drum rotates, centrifugal force pushes the flails outward. If a flail strikes an immovable object, it simply bounces off. The advantage of a flail mower over other rotary type mowers is that they have a tendency to grab and throw the object out of the mower deck if it’s small enough so this fact makes the flail mower best suited for areas where thrown objects would cause damage.

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